January 3, 2007

Offense-Defense AA Bowl Chat: Anthony Boyles

[rl]Four-star athlete Anthony Boyles stopped by for a chat with Rivals.com users in the recruiting message board Wednesday afternoon live from the Offense-Defense All-American Bowl in Fort Lauderdale, Fla. The following is a transcript of the chat:

How has Eric Yarber's coaching situation impacted your recruitment? Have you checked out the style of offense Dennis Erickson has used? What do you think of Erickson/Yarber coaching NFL stars Chad Johnson and T.J. Houshmandzadeh?

Boyles: Well, it basically messed things up. I was planning on going to Washington and like we had good communication but when he left, I thought, what's next? I think who they've coached is tremendous and that's one of the reasons why I like coach Yarber because he's coached great athletes. I compare myself to Chad Johnson's style anyway.

Congrats on being an All-American. Just wanted to know if you had heard from USC lately? And who is the toughest defensive back you been up against?

Boyles: Last time I heard from USC was the first game I had 10 catches 160 yards and two touchdowns. After that, I got double teamed and triple teamed. They stopped calling me ever since. The toughest defensive back I've faced is No. 12 at the all-star game, Earl Thomas.

What is more attractive about ASU to you: The relationship you built with coach yarber while he was at Washington, or ASU's need for playmaking receivers which could mean immediate playing time?

Boyles: The relationship with coach Yarber.

Have you had a chance to hang with the other 5 players on the west team that are committed to Oregon? I am sure they are excited that you are taking a trip to Eugene soon... What is it that attracts you most to the Ducks?

Boyles: I haven't had a chance to talk to people that are committed to Oregon.

Hi Anthony ...

1) What do you like about coach Yarber?

2) What are your thoughts on the spread offense that coaches Yarber and Erickson will use?

3) Does it factor into your decision that Chad Johnson and T.J. Houshmandzadeh played for coaches Yarber and Erickson?

4) Does it factor into your decision that coach Erickson has won 2 national championship?


1) I like him because I trust him and he's a truthful guy. He's the type of coach that can send me to the league. He's been there and done that.

2) It's very exciting about the situation. I think I can get a lot of balls and have the opportunity to go to the NFL.

3) Already answered that.

4) Yeah because he has experience when I get there, I could talk to them about the situations and how things are going.

Anthony congrats on being selected to the bowl game. How interested would you say you are in playing with either of your HS teammates, Da'John Harris or Apiata Tuihalamaka?

Boyles: No, because everybody is going their seperate ways. We play different positions.

Anthony just wondering if you had thought about playing with Drew Davis? That would be a sick duo!

Boyles: I heard he tried to go to Washington and he decided to go opposite me. So probably not. It is a possibility.

With it being late in the process how important is your official visit to ASU in finding out about the program and how the new coaching staff will run the offense and how they plan to utilize a receiver of your ability within their offense?

Boyles: I'm planning on visiting Arizona State to see what's going on. Meeting with coach Yarber again and he'll tell me about the receiver situation.

When you select your school, what are the top three factors that will help you choose?

Boyles: Well one, is it a place I can be at for four years? The coaches are another and can I play as a freshman.

I know you mentioned early playing time...how would you react if you had to sit as a freshman? Good luck in the all star game!

Boyles: Well, if I know I can play and sitting, I'd be very upset. If I know I can't play, I wouldn't be as upset.

First of all, congratulations on being selected for the AA Bowl. My question is "How important is academics to you and have you selected a major yet?"

Boyles: Academics is very important. Without that, you can't do anything in life. I think I'll be a math teach actually. I'm very good at math, so that fits.

With the recent hirings of coaches with track records of moving from program to program every few years, how important does going to a school with a stable coaching staff play into your decision? Good luck at the game tomorrow!

Boyles: It's very important because I don't want a coach that's not set and organized for their school. I want a coach that knows what they want from their players and their assistant coaches.

Would you prefer a coach who plays one QB so you can develop a relationship and get in sync, or are you okay with preplanned platooning of QB's. In other words, is it more important for the best player to play, or for everyone to get a fair shake? Do you think it's important to be on the same page as your QB and others on the team and coaching staff?

Boyles: I really want one quarterback and have good communication. More quarterbacks is great too though. If they can get me the ball, I'll be alright.

What kind of social life are you interested in? Do you prefer a large metro area with a lot going on, or a smaller college town atmosphere? Or, do you just feel it out and go with what seems to fit? How important is it that you get along with the players you visit? Is it more important to get along with the players or coaches, or are both important in your opinion?

Boyles: I want a big city. Getting a lot with the players, that's very important because you can ask them questions and ask anything you want to ask. If you feel comfortable with them, that's big too.

What an exciting time for you enjoy every minuite. Good luck in the All Star game.
Since you considered Washington and other PAC-10 programs how do you feel the quality of competion compares with eastern conferences?

Boyles: I'm going to the Pac-10 because of the competition. THey're going to get me ready for the league. Pac-10 is more athletic and faster. It's going to get me ready for the NFL.

What do feel like are your best strengths as a WR?

Boyles: I believe why I'm ranked so high is because my first step off the ball. I'm very quick. It's hard for a defensive back to jam me because I'm so quick.

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