January 1, 2007

Offense-Defense AA Bowl Chat: Chad Jones

Five-star safety Chad Jones stopped by for a chat with Rivals.com users in the recruiting message board Monday afternoon live from the Offense-Defense All-American Bowl in Fort Lauderdale, Fla. The following is a transcript of the chat:

What made you decide to visit LSU officially after previously saying that you wouldn't because of familiarity?

Jones: I talked to the coaches and they said I know that you think you know everything about LSU. They said you have to see the real side talking to you on your own and showing how it is. Also talking to the players about everything at LSU is why I wanted to take an official visit there afterall.

Chad, what position are you currently projected at in baseball and have you been able to speak with LSU's baseball coach Paul Mainieri? What do you think about playing football and baseball at LSU?

Jones: I'm at right field and I can come in and close as a left-handed pitcher. I spoke with LSU's baseball coach a few times and on my official visit to LSU, I'll meet with the baseball team and coaches to check out a couple of things.

Chad, what are your thoughts about possibly playing on the same field w/ your brother at LSU? Show 'em how it's done in Louisiana Thursday night.

Jones: It would be familiar because I played with him my 9th and 10th grade. It'd be nice to have someone there and my brother and I are doing things on television or in front of thousands of people. It would be a good feeling.

Who do you most look forward to matching up against in the game?

Jones: The running back that is committed to Auburn, Enrique Davis. If I did wind up at LSU, I would be seeing him later.

Chad good luck in the game man, you are a beast.... Do you and Joe McKnight talk alot?

Jones: (Joe McKnight) and I talk every once in a while about things only we need to hear and keep between us. It's about recruiting. I'm going to keep it that way - between us. Another day, maybe I'll tell more.

Good luck to you in the game Chad. Wondering how your relationship is like with Ken Norton Jr. and what your favorite visit has been so far?

Jones: My favorite visit so far, I've only taken one visit, I guess you could say USC right now. My relationship with Ken Norton, we talk once a week. If I call him, it's more than that. We talk about everything whether it's how USC is big time or how they only want the best of the best.

Chad, congratulations on your selection to this years team. What are your opinions of Coach Andrews and the defensive style FSU plays with, and do you feel our defensive plays fits your game?

Jones: It's a real familiar system because we do some of those things at our school. I would fit in perfectly on that defense.

Chad, what school presents the best opportunity to start early or from the get go?

Jones: LSU because they're starting safeties are leaving and they have upcoming players that don't have any playing time. USC they have young safeties that are starting. It's the harder job taking the spot.

Chad, first of all congratulations on being selected to play in the inaugural All American Bowl. What is the #1 thing you're looking for in a school? When do you expect to be selected in the MLB draft? Thanks.

Jones: No. 1 thing I'm looking for in a school is to play early, if a school wants me to redshirt, I'm definitely out. Baseball draft, I'm projected in the top two rounds. It would be mid to first round or early second round.

Congrats on a great HS career and invitation to the All American Bowl. I am wondering some of the positives of schools like FSU, Southern Cal, Miami, etc. outside the state of Louisiana. Would you say distance is a factor in your college decision? Best of luck in this process.

Jones: Distance isn't that much of a factor but it's something to think about. It wouldn't be the No. 1 or No. 2 thing. My parents are supportive and I don't get homesick. I like to see new things too, so distance is not a problem.

Has your brother given you advice during the recruiting process? Surely he would love to be on the same field as you next year.

Jones: It's not that he's given me advice. He basically knows what's going on and I just run it by him. I just let him know how the process is going.

Chad can you talk a little about your trip to USC? How was the visit and any chance that you come out west for the next four years. Thanks and good luck in the game.

Jones: There is a definite chance. I loved USC, the town, the coaches, the players. Things are looking great for them right now.

Chad, what do you think of Mickey Andrews as a defensive backs coach? Are there any other recruits you have formed relationships with throughout the recruiting process?

Jones: He's a pretty cool guy. I haven't talked to him as much, but I'll probably keep getting to know him.

Chad, I have seen you play many times at Southern Lab. You hit HARD and whenever I see you play, it reminds me of the style of play of Laron Landry. Are you being recruited as a linebacker or safety?

Jones: I'm being recruited as a safety. I wouldn't say I'm being recruited as a linebacker, but I can move down in the box to be like an "extra" linebacker.

What do you think the Canes chances are? How did you like the hiring of Randy Shannon as HC?

Jones: I always did like Miami but they haven't sent me much anymore. That could be because our address and I have a different cell phone. My chances with Miami would be great if I took a visit there.

Congratulations on your selection to the inaugural All-American bowl. You've had a great high school career with the best yet to come in college. How do you think it would feel to play for Mickey Andrews and Bobby Bowden knowing how many DBs they have put into the league and knowing how they have proven that they play young players early?

Jones: To tell you the truth, the feelings about a school aren't about the person. The thing about DB's in the league, that attracts you. That wouldn't be a bad thing to play for Bobby Bowden.

Would you prefer to stay at safety in college or, if you continue to add muscle, would you be okay with playing linebacker?

Jones: Of course, if I get too big, I wouldn't keep my agility for safety, that would be the smart thing to do. If I train for it, lift for it, and understand what to do.

But, I won't get too big for safety. That's where I'm playing.

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