September 1, 2006

The Breakdown: Pro-style Quarterbacks

In "The Breakdown," veteran talent scout Randy Rodgers is analyzing film of a select group of the nation's top prospects for Rodgers has more than 35 years of experience in the college recruiting arena. He was the recruiting coordinator at the University of Illinois (1988-91) and the University of Texas (1992-97) and is one of the leading authorities on high school football talent analysis in the country. In this edition, Rodgers takes a look at pro-style quarterbacks.

color=#FFFFFF>Pro-style Quarterbacks
John Brantley, 6-3, 190, 4.64 - Ocala (Fla.) Trinity Catholic

Committed to the University of Texas. Good height, decent mobility, can throw on the run. Has excellent setup mechanics, gets hips into his throws. High release point, throws a soft, catchable ball. Shows excellent touch and deep accuracy. Appears to have big hands and has nice play action mechanics. Throws a really pretty ball. Isn't a scrambler and doesn't have a big gun. More likely to fit into Texas' Chris Simms-type offense than Vince Young's.
Jimmy Clausen, 6-3, 200, 4.7 - Westlake Village (Calif.) Oaks Christian


December grad, who is committed to Notre Dame. Good size, good mobility, can throw on the run when flushed. Has a high release point and gets the ball out of his hands quickly. Shows really good arm strength and excellent accuracy on deep balls. Shows good anticipation to spots on the field and equally effective against zone or man. What sets Clausen apart from others is his ability to zip the ball in on hard throws. He can really throw the slant and skinny post. He also has excellent setup and footwork mechanics, so he is rarely out of position to make a throw. Should be a standout in Charlie Weiss' offense and able to play early because he has learned about facing pressure from his older brothers.
Jarrett Lee, 6-2, 192, 4.68 - Brenham (Texas)


Committed to LSU. Ideally suited for the West Coast offense. Has plenty of playmakers on his team and distributes the ball extremely well. Coach's son who is a superior decision maker and very accurate. Isn't a scrambler but runs well enough to play in the spread also. Not a big gun, but able to find secondary receivers and get the ball there on time. Has tendency to sometimes elongate his motion and must work to eliminate that.
Ryan Mallett, 6-7, 235, 4.9 - Texarkana (Texas) Texas High


Committed to Michigan. Has probably the strongest arm and most velocity of any high school QB in the nation. Can overpower receivers on short throws and must continue to improve on touch. Puts too much air under his deep throws, but can throw it out of the park. Has tendency to throw off back foot, but has enough arm strength to get away with it. Good footwork for a 6.7 kid and with his huge hands, is ideally suited for Michigan's style of QB play. Tough, can stand in there vs. the rush. Can make all the throws.
Jason Munns, 6-4, 229,- Kennewick (Wash.) Southridge


Committed to BYU. I thought he was the most athletic of this group of Pro-Style QB's. Shows good feet and decent footwork. Has a little bit of a long motion, but good velocity. Utilizes a lot of rollouts and can throw on the run. Can escape and run or pass. Like Clausen, I really liked his ability to make the tough throws-deep outs, curls, mid-range crossing routes, posts. Because Munns is Mormon, he is likely to go on a mission, which means you might not hear much about him for a couple of years. Write the name down and remember it.
Mike Paulus, 6-5, 220, 4.9 - Syracuse (N.Y.) Christian Brothers


Committed to North Carolina. Big and strong. Ball seems to jump out of his hand. Does a really nice job of buying time in the pocket with his feet. Is definitely a scramble-to-pass guy if flushed. Looks like he has big hands. Shows good touch on deep routes, particularly corners. Can find secondary receivers. I thought he was really good vs. man to man where he had to lead receivers on the move.
Griffin Robles, 6-4, 207, 4.92 - Spanish Fork (Utah)

Committed to Utah. Most of his highlight tape was wide angle footage, so it is really hard to evaluate mechanics. Has good height with high release point when in the pocket. Not fast, but has good mobility. Can throw on the run. I liked his velocity on curls and comebacks
Matt Simms, 6-2, 200, 4.8 - Ramsey (N.J.) Don Bosco Prep


Committed to Louisville. Good bloodlines with good understanding of the game. Much of his highlight tape is shot from ground level, which makes it hard to evaluate decision-making. Appears to have more of a release which will be a factor at the Division I level for a pocket passer. Can throw on the run, appears good at hitting moving targets. Not fleet but good enough feet to avoid and escape.
Pat Bostick, 6-3, 220, 4.85 - Lancaster (Pa.) Manheim Township

Committed to Pitt. Has decent feet in the pocket, but a release. Needs to be more consistent with setup mechanics, because his velocity is noticeably better when he gets to the front foot. Does a really nice job of leading receivers on outside throws and I think would be really good vs. Man and Cover 2 defenses. Needs to close up hips on short outside throws.
Peter Lalich, 6-5, 235, 4.65 - Springfield (Va.) West


Committed to the University of Virginia. Has excellent size and good mobility for a tall long limbed player. Needs to be more consistent with arm motion-has a tendency to drop elbow at times. However he has excellent velocity and can really uncork the long ball. Can find secondary receivers when primary is covered. A lot like Mallett, but without the same velocity.
Robert Marve, 6-1, 189, 4.65 - Tampa (Fla.) Plant


Committed to Alabama. Has good drop back mechanics and separation from center. Is short for a drop-back guy and will probably need a moving pocket type offense to excel in college. Has really good mobility, can escape and throw on the run. Does have a quick release
Steve Threet, 6-6, 225, - Adrian (Mich.)


December grad who is committed to Georgia Tech. Definitely a "rhythm" passer both under center and in the gun. When he has a chance to set feet and get to the front foot on his throws, he really throws with some zip. Has a little slower release, which is typical for taller QB's, so won't be as effective if hurried. Throws a really nice ball. Can definitely "spin it".
Brock Mansion, 6-5, 221, 4.75 - Dallas Episcopal

Committed to Cal. Fifth year in high school because of transfer from Plano to Private school. Tape shows real inconsistent mechanics with regard to arm motion and footwork, but summer work in camps has improved that. Has excellent size, good mobility. Does keep eyes downfield when he is flushed. Can really snap it off when his feet are set. Plays against pretty weak competition, so the step up to Division I will be a big one. Definitely has the talent.

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