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MyRivals Favorites List

What is the MyRivals Favorites List?

Are there particular prospects on the Rivals.com Prospect Database that you are constantly checking out? MyRivals is a way for you to customize a convenient list of prospects so that you don't have to do individual searches for them.

What do I need to start my own list?

MyRivals Favorites Lists are available to subscribers with a Premium Ticket C or Premium Ticket D subscription. It is also available to some Special Edition subscribers.

How do I view my list?

It's simple: go to the search page for the appropriate sport, and click the "MyRivals Favorites List" link in the Advanced Search area.

How do I add a prospect to my list?

If you'd like to add a player to your MyRivals Favorites List, simply view that prospect's page. In the upper right corner, opposite his name, click the link entitled "Add prospect to my favorites list."

How do I remove a prospect from my list?

If you've got a prospect on your list that you'd like to remove, view that prospect's page. You'll find, in place of the "Add prospect to my favorites list" link, a "Delete prospect from my favorites list" link. Click it to remove the prospect from your list.

You can also erase your entire list with one click, by going to your list and clicking the "Clear this list" link in the upper right corner.

How many lists can I have?

You can have one list for each combination of sport and year. You may have a list for football's 2002 recruiting class, another for basketball's 2002 recruiting class, and still another for baseball's 2003 draft-eligible players.

How do I switch between the lists?

When you click the "MyRivals Favorites List" link to view your list, you'll see the sport and year that you indicated on the search page. When viewing a list, you'll have easy one-click access to the other sports for that year.

I clicked to view my list, and nothing is there, even though I know I added players.

You are probably looking at a list for a different year or sport. Make sure you have selected the correct year and sport.

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