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Rivals.com is the nation's premier basketball scouting service and talent evaluation organization.

Along with its various scouting services, Rivals.com is home to the most comprehensive prospect database, the prestigious Rivals150, breaking news, prospect updates, and exclusive video clips.

"If the gym door is open, Rivals.com is going to be there." Rivals.com attends more AAU events, high school basketball games and practices, and collects more video than any recruiting and scouting service anywhere. And our qualified staff is the best in the business at identifying the top prospects at an early age.

That's why Rivals.com's rankings and evaluations are the most trusted among college coaches and the most anticipated by the general public.

Players are ranked a number of different ways but the most important ways are numerically by position, qualitatively by stars and a new ranking system that grades players on the expected impact they will make in college.

Players are ranked numerically on a national level at their positions. The numerical ranking at each position varies depending on the depth of the talent at the position.

Players are also ranked on their quality with a star ranking. A five-star prospect is generally considered to be one of the nation's top 25-30 players, four stars is a top 100 player, three stars is a top 300 level player, two stars means the player is a mid-major prospect.

The ranking system ranks prospects on a numerical scale from 6.1-4.9.

Five Stars:

Four Stars:

Three Stars:

Two Stars:

Rivals.com is proud to present the most advanced database system ever created and the most advanced rating system around. If you have any questions about the database or rankings contact recruiting@rivals.com.

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